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Hands of Hope Annual Gala Night 2023

On behalf of Hands of Hope Australia, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your invaluable support and participation in our Inaugural Gala Night. The event was a resounding success, and that could not have been possible without you. The night was truly magical, filled with hope, joy, and the spirit of giving [...]

2022 Christmas Toy Drop

$31,843 money raised 2840 toys donated 13 hospitals reached    Every year, Hands of Hope™ brings joy and comfort to sick children during the holidays. We work with other groups to collect and give gifts and resources to kids spending Christmas in the hospital. These children face an incredibly difficult and isolating experience, but we’re [...]

Hospital Resource Project

Hands of Hope works alongside several hospitals throughout New South Wales to provide valuable life essential resources to patients in long or short term stay.   We regularly meet with head of departments to determine if patients are requiring valuable resources which they may not be receiving from elsewhere.   Essentially Hands of Hope aims [...]

Rehabilitation Equipment Program

Hands of Hope works in partnership with various rehabilitation centres throughout New South Wales to better the quality and support children and young adults receive within their rehabilitation program.   Though these centres do receive some funding from elsewhere it is just simply not enough to ensure ongoing high quality support is given especially during [...]

2021 Christmas Toy Drop

Annually, Hands of Hope works alongside other community groups to gather and distribute much needed gifts and resources to children who may be spending their Christmas in hospital due to short or long term illnesses. Hospitals currently do not receive any funding or subsidies to provide children with basic well bring resources to support their [...]

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