Frequently Asked Questions


Is Hands of Hope a registered charity?

Yes. HOH New South Wales Incorporated trading as Hands of Hope is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). You can verify our registration by visiting the ACNC website here


 Can people who donate get a tax deductable receipt?

Anyone who donates $2 or more will automatically be emailed a tax-deductible receipt. The Australian Taxation Office recognises these donations as having Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

If you’re collecting donations offline (e.g. in person, possibly within your workplace, school or gym) please keep a record of those requiring receipt and the value of their donation. Send this through to us when you deposit the proceeds to the Hands of Hope bank account so we can issues receipts to your supporters.


Where does my donation go?

All donations go towards funding our current projects and are used specifically on projects that are in most need at the particular time. Learn more about the current Hands of Hope Projects on our ‘Project’ page section on our website.


 What if I have other questions not outlined here?

We’re here to help! Reach out and send us an email at


What does Hands of Hope do?

Hands of Hope provides targeted projects to support patients through their health care journey.


How does Hands of Hope actually help?

Throughout the year Hands of Hope runs several projects which support patients across numerous hospitals within New South Wales. These include;

  • Resource packs,
  • Mental care packs,
  • Rehabilitation resources
  • Specific Medical Equipment

Hands of Hope also will also from time-to-time step in to assist special cases brought forth which fit within our charitable purpose.


Why should I donate to Hands of Hope?

Based on research and information provided from health care units we work with, unfortunately there is sometimes no funding for certain specific assistance required by patients.

Hands of Hope focuses on assisting health care units which do not receive sufficient funding or resources for patients in departments such as palliative care, paediatrics, oncology, maternity and geriatrics.

Over the years the hospitals we support have become reliant on Hands of Hope’s support throughout the year.


How does Hands of Hope determine where support is needed most?

Hands of Hope connects directly with health care unit managers to determine where support is needed most. We conduct a set research program which narrows down what, where and how assistance can be given.

Hands of Hope ensures that all support given and project developed fit within our charitable purpose which is our mission and core objectives.


Can I donate resources and material rather than money?

Yes! You definitely can. Please get in touch with us via email on for a full list of items that are currently on our hospital wish list.


How can I receive information and updates on events held by Hands of Hope?

Simply click on the subscribe button on our web page, registered your details and look out for our emails.


How do I get involved with Hands of Hope events?

Volunteers are an essential part of Hands of Hope and your desire in supporting is greatly appreciated. Please send through your details via our ‘Volunteer’ tab on our webpage or via email to

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